Friday - Day Zero

One more case discovered in quarantined folks coming in from overseas. There's still no community transmission, but... it only takes one arsehole to shit all over everything for everyone.

I've fed my starters and they're a bit on the thick side, so I added cream and coconut milk to the harvests and got some extremely runny batter cooking slowly in the background.

Very slowly, as it happens. Whoopsidoodle. Too much additional liquid.

The cats are not eating all their food, even the stuff they normally like, so it's a matter of debate as to what to do about that. I mean, we already feed these fuzzy little murder machines the best stuff... Temptation is strong to acquire the shitty stuff and let them know they've got it good, but... nah.

In the Headlines:

  • A secret transcript has erupted involving the affair down in NSW
  • Aussie soapie star opts out of Covid testing because she's "naturally healthy" 9_9 Here comes the new outbreak...
  • Muppet continues accusing the left of insidious deeds, Obama has his say about it all on a podcast
  • Twitter locks the Muppet's campaign account for attack tweets

I shall be unmessing my house, writing an Instant, and playing Factorio, most likely. I may be taking an unscheduled nap because this morning has been visted by a Cyclone Headache(tm) and if painkillers don't work, sleep does.

I need to go take my meds.