Friday - Day SIX!

Holy shit, things are going well for Antifa and gender-bending tumblrinas everywhere. Minecraft Steve is part of the Nintendo Conglomerate and people are happy about that. Baldur's Gate 3 is out and I want some of that sweet, sweet character creator :D The Muppet continues to deny he has the plague and insists he's doing very well...

Greece has decided to purge its content of fascists. Facebook has banned QAnon, and some billionaire sex offenders are getting comeuppance.

Come on in, the schadenfreude is lovely.

In the headlines:

  • Muppet refuses to do a debate by camera because more power is in the hands of people who will "unfairly" cut him off
  • Queensland judge found dead in the bush [potentially by his own hand? The report is unclear] after being called out for being a bully in court
  • Public transit in Sydney now a vector for the plague
  • ScoMo called out on tax cuts for the rich when an improved JobSeeker would give a much greater boost
  • Scarlet Fever is making a comeback [not NOW, 2020...]
  • Carnies ejected from Queensland after sneaking around in Victoria
  • More and more of the rich and famous in or around the Whitehouse are coming down with the plague
  • Muppet plots to go to a rally so he can infect his loyal followers. Yay?
  • Vice President and confirmed-by-fly shit Pence had pinkeye during the debate which lead to rumours about him also having the plague
  • Rich and famous want an executive section for Bondi. Part of me hopes it's right near Backpacker's Rip...

I have shaved my head because the outside is too darn hot. I do not understand how people can have hair in this weather. Bleh.

PLNs include unfuckening the house, cooking "the bikkie" (in progress), and the usual story nonsense. I don't have my usual Saturday treats, and I plan to take a constitutional stroll to the local IGA to get something goopy and unsuitable.

Onwards, ever onwards.