Friday, Day 2, A PLN

There's things I need to do and stuff I need to arrange, and places I need to shop at. Funsies.

Starting with the search for decent kibble for the cats. Some more apple varieties for Miss Chaos. Some ice cream for tomorrow's feast. All of which is going to have to happen post-unfuckening.

I've fed my Starters, I've added more pages into Kosh's journal, and I have made some temporary PLNs to deal with the day.

Today is my ultimate test of Mojo Return. If I can write 1K today, without trouble, then my Mojo is fully returned. Huzzah. I'm still trying to be kind to myself, all the same. If I can't make it, I'm not going to force it and still take the weekend to chill.

In the news:

  • Active case count down to 6
  • Perth's plague is caused by a superspreader event
  • US Repugnican conspiracy nut now deemed as guilty as QAnon
  • Marilyn Manson suspected of serial skeevyness
  • Plague causes chronic illness - diabetes
  • More plague in Melbourne
  • Olympics boss apologises for sexism
  • Tesla recalls thousands of cars
  • China rebuffs Australia's peace offering
  • Train catches fire in Sydney

I've just flipped The Bikkie and I'm about to get on with getting on.