Friday, Day 0, Unfuckening ho!

Plague news: Three new cases. Two local, one import. Forty-nine total cases, forty-four of those are in hospital.

I've fed the starters, fed the cats, and I shall soon be putting the bikkie on to cook. It was a quiet stream again, and that may change as soon as I have a schedule. People like having timetables.

Next week will be the big crunch. See if I can do it all and manage Miss Chaos' organisation towards school readiness. Fun.

After that week, I can program in a schedule and see what can be done to keep it.

...and no, I still haven't been brave enough to ask about the jab.

In the news:

  • Wimbledon
  • Why NSW efforts to maintain lockdown have failed. It's Knomiras
  • New laws force Australians to have no privacy on the internet
  • TikTok star suicides
  • Tradie caught being a pedo
  • Nurse swabbing for the plague cops three-figure parking ticket
  • ScoMo has plns to rollout the vaccine in hotspots
  • New lockdown payments to come out
  • Indonesia running out of parasite control medication because people believe it cures the plague
  • Parties still going on in NSW despite the lockdowns. Told you it was the Knomiras
  • Dubai's blown up

I have 1K to write and a house to unfuck. And a bikkie to cook.