Challenge #03087-H179: The Natural Order

If you loved me you'd... Often demanded, often with consequences you'd rather not deal with. truth is that "If you loved me," cuts both ways. -- Nonny the Mouse [in memory of too many domestic violence victims]

It was only natural. Take one Tiefling who had rarely known a kind word and never known a kind touch. Add a young lady who showed him even the most elementary of kindness, and you have a recipe for instant trouble. For Kormwind, it was even more complicated than that.

Her name was Lali, and she was perfectly beguiling. Even a half-elf has charms that lesser mortals could fall for. All she had to do was bat her eyelashes and giggle... and Kormwind was a puppy on her leash. She was not rude enough to whistle for him, but a nod and a smile were far more than enough.

He was sixteen. So was she. If it weren't for his clear demonic nature, they might have made a cute couple. The fact that he had distant promises to keep and an oath to uphold could easily be forgotten, sometimes. What was here and now was easier to keep in mind. Nevertheless, when he remembered his oath to be "true to his troth", Lali had an ace up her sleeve. "I thought we were friends..."

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