Friday, Day 0, Mor PLNs

Plague news: FIVE new cases, one local and four imports. Damnit. Australia's at 85.*% first vax, 70.8% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 73.7% first vax, 58.7% fully vaxxed. We're getting there.

I shall be keeping an eye out on that local case thing. According to MeMum, it was an unvaxxed, infected Knomira who skated through on the Gold Coast. Fun.

Mayhem is suffering side-effects from the second jab. We're doing palliative care and keeping an eye on him. So far, it's just hives and super-sensitive tumtum. So far.

I have already done my stream, fed my starters, started cooking the bikkie. I've done the litterbox in the Catio, but we need to change a panel in the roof before I let the cats back out into that. Thinking about ways to stop that roof portion flapping in the wind will have to be a thing. I'm not buying roof panels every firkin storm season.

Angled bracers may be a must. We shall see.

I have purchased a new module and, yeah - I needed to get it when my players reached lvl 3. This is an immense dungeon with lots and lots of chambers, and lots of levels with lots of chambers. Augh.

Fingers crossed, I can copy/pasta my tile palette between maps. Otherwise, I will have something to fume about.

In the news:

  • Laundrie's remains have been found. Now we'll never know about the motives and happenstance
  • Not great news in the search for missing 4YO Cleo Smith
  • Victoria has 2k+ new cases after re-opening
  • Bitcoin crashed
  • Kate Beckinsale has a high IQ and it's not great for an acting career
  • Qld rushing to trace everyone that the Knomira from the Gold Coast came near
  • Her Majesty in hospital
  • Female volleyball player beheaded by the Taliban(!)
  • Boxer mauled by bear
  • The US cop who murdered Justine Damond may be out of prison next year
  • Doctor advises pregnant person abort and start again because prenatal health issues. Pregnant person refuses
  • Healthy model told she's too fat
  • Radio host body-shames Gordon Ramsey's daughter, cops backlash

And now... storytime.