Friday, Day 0, Ho Boy

Plague news: Three new cases, all locally acquired. There's eighteen total active cases, fourteen of them are in hospital. Australia's at 92.6% first vax, 87% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 86.8% first vax, 77% fully vaxxed.

I have starters to feed, bikkie to make, bikkie to consume, catbox to see to, more dungeon to build, and maybe some time to play.

Streaming my flash fictions is helping me stay on track, so I shall be keeping on with that through next year. Staying on track with my other nonse is a little more of a struggle. Working on it.

In the news:

  • School shooter's mother has been doxxed
  • Epstein was creepy. Somehow beyond taking sleezy old men to have sex with teenagers or younger. Shocker
  • Australia betrayed by bigger, richer nations. Shocker
  • Man died waiting for the Qld border to re-open. Excuse us for not wanting rampant plague in our state
  • Baldwin says he didn't pull the trigger, is backed up by the crew
  • 26YO woman beaten to death by boyfriend
  • Eddie Mekka, famous for his work in Laverne & Shirley, has passed on at 69
  • White supremacists are behind the "White Man's Poison" vaccine lies
  • Body police slam celebs
  • DNA program to identify remains and find missing persons
  • Homeless man makes $500K off of crypto. Good for him

Anyway. Story posting time.