Challenge #03233-H324: Minor Disaster Control

A sleepy human child care provider is trying their damndest to stay awake while watching over a mixed nursery of kids, Havenworlder and Deathworlder, but they have another hour before the malfunctioning door is finally fixed and the parents can come in and collect the kids. - Anon Guest

One more Deregger colony had gone down in flames, as Deregger colonies were wont to do. Their installations would not be wasted, but they did have to be upgraded. People were still moving in pot plants for the air, but they still needed somewhere to keep the kids during shift hours.

Educator Merf was not meant to be monitoring forty disparate children at once. There was supposed to be a team. It was also supposed to be knockoff time. They were supposed to be having dinner and a decent sleep, right now. Alas, the damned Deregger door had jammed shut just after Educator Vans had stepped out to see what was taking Educator Lees so darn long with the food.

At least the class philodendron was helping with the idea that they had fresh air. The only other green in this entire space was astroturf. Which was shedding.

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