Friday, Day 0, Busy Day

Plague news: Eleven new cases. Ten local, one import. One hundred and Fifty-five total active cases, forty-six in hospital and one in the ICU.

I have already made some pretty-pretty crumpets from the combined starter harvests. I'm learning how to make better ones next time. Huzzah.

The PLN today includes the usual nonsense: house unfuckening, the daily tale. Disposal of my fail!waffles [om nom nom]. Maybe building more of a dungeon and definitely finishing off January 2015 as tagged for my app.

Tomorrow is Door Day. Huzzah.

In the news:

  • Victoria headed for longer lockdown
  • Mass shooting in England. How the FUCK did they get hold of the guns to do that?
  • Knomira's son also charged with Knomira nonsense
  • Britney's Dad gives up holding her prisoner conservatorship
  • Taliban back to their bullshit
  • Europe's on fire
  • Anti-maskers now faking QR codes to get around checking in -_-
  • US hospitals flooded with people who refused the vaccine
  • China invents fake Swiss biologist to shift blame to the USA
  • Celebs plead with the public to get the jab

IMHO the anti-science crowd need to be isolated for everyone's safety.