Challenge #03121-H212: Call For the Doctor

They sat with popcorn and their best friends from the station and began with the earliest seasons. They had done this for quite some time, twice a month, since they moved here. Twice a month, on a weekend, they made popcorn, and invited friends for a couple of hours of watching Dr. Who, discussing the episodes, and enjoying themselves. And, of course, enjoying being fans of the show. -- HelloImTheDoctor

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The smell of butter, salt, and heat filled the air. Most of the warmth was from the cogniscents sharing the couch, since the tubs of popcorn were only minimal contributors. There was laughter, there was chit-chat, there was even some paying of attention to what was on the entertainment screen.

Human Tav had been sharing this with his friends, once a week, for months[1]. Almost an entire year, and only now had they caught up with the colour era. It would be years yet before they reached the holovision episodes.

That didn't matter. They were there to laugh at the special effects, some of the scriptwriting, and definitely the alien design. They were there to discuss the history of the longest-running science fiction series in Galactic history, including all the variations taken down to deep time colonies[2]. There were, understandably, a lot of episodes to nominally watch.

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