Friday, Bread Day, Day Zero

Three new cases today, all from overseas, all detected in quarantine. Ten active cases. Ten potentials to have one of them be an arsehole.

Chaos is going through my bread supplies so I'm doing a Double Batch as an attempt to keep up. One batch today, and another batch tomorrow. Which is also the new-new-rescheduled day for the cats to get their jabs.

This is the third time I have planned to traumatise my cats this week. It is stress. Jolie is being love hungry all over my desk an I am typing with my left hand so she can have the scritchies she deserves.

I have a cyclone headache and the over-the-counter painkillers haven't kicked in yet. Ow.

In the news:

  • Muppet's secretary of defence dismissal points to alarming plns in motion
  • Law professor apparently predicted all these shenanigans a year ago
  • Op Ed says we should try viral kindness nowadays since we need it more
  • Aussie war crimes investigation set to reveal some disturbing things. In other news, water is wet
  • Biden wears two masks because masks are twice as important for everyone
  • Dissection of how Democracy in the USA isn't
  • Biden plans to make mask-wearing mandatory, some states plot revolution
  • QAnon apparently believes that the Muppet is secretly saving the world from a satanic cult of paedophiles (!) and apparently "Q" has not been posting for some time
  • Muppet refuses to disavow QAnon conspiracies
  • "Tiny" Tina Arena selling home for $7M so she can move to France
  • Aussie's "Ginger Nut" bikkies differ depending on the state you buy them in
  • Dude attempts to film woman getting undressed in changing room at Macey's
  • In the same article, home security is not that fantastic, actually
  • According to Netflix drama series The Crown, the Queen has two cousins who've been in an assylum for years because learning disorders
  • QLD hospital worker finds dead rat in their burger
  • Woolies questioned over the Ooshies issue

So far today, I have:

  • Made the Bikkie with the last of my useful olives
  • Fed both my starters with a PLN for bread
  • Measured out flour and water
  • Unfucked the house
  • Fed the cats
  • Took my coffee and meds, but the painkillers didn't work

Onwards to storytime RSN I promise.