Friday, Bad Air Day and Unfuckening Grande

I start my narrative to anyone who cares to read about my life with Max the Nebuliser strapped to my face. The cause of that is decluttering the LandBarge and a Great Key Hunt.

Today, the LandBarge is getting detailed. On Monday, it's getting serviced. Therafter, we're getting rid of it in the process of becoming a One Car Household.

Getting rid of the LandBarge and getting rid of the Tesla will save us upwards of $2K/week as I understand the financial nonsense. I could be wrong.

Soon, we will be down to my Zippy Little Car and I shall be my Beloved's chauffeur. Which means my schedule is going to get dependent on that business.

Expect changes and a bit of whining.

Now that my lungs are clear, I am going to see to The Bikkie.

Stupid Asthma.