Challenge #03763-J110: Recycled Staff

I have died many times now. Each time I am reborn, I have all of the memories of my past life, and the lives before that. I was warned about this, but until my job is done, and they're all safe, I accepted this fate. -- Anon Guest

Sometimes, it's a pain in the arse to be indispensable. It's a worse pain in the arse to be indispensable on a Deregger ship with appropriated B'Nari tech. The instant the CEO noticed my abilities, I was added to the Backup Rolls.

They used the B'Nari brain backup system on me. An implant to keep me connected to some gizmo that keeps... me up to date.

I know the arguments, so don't even start, okay? You can wax lyrical all you like about whether I have a soul any more. Whether or not I'm alive or just a computer program who thinks I'm alive. You can write it all down on thick, rough paper and then stick it up your personal waste vent for all I care. Soul or not. Alive or not. It doesn't matter. What matters is that it flakkin' SUCKS.

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