Friday, Attempted Moving PLNs

Everything's in order. Everything's lined up and about ready to go. I just need to clear up space so I can make a partition and set up for the big switch. I've made a list of all the programs I use regularly, and I'm about to start sorting ALL my tabs [and pruning them] so I can plausibly swap operations to the new setup.

And I have managed to tick off Beloved about how I follow instructions and -yeah- I am a dummins. When given instructions, I follow them as I find them... and the instructions had a caution before the thing it was cautioning about.

So naturally I fucked up because the ppl who made Linux are great at making operating systems, but their page layout design needs a little dummins-proofing.

Anyway, now Adorable's on the case. She's a bit more dummins-proof than poor Beloved.

Also, there's a time window to actually mow our yard today. Fingers crossed, it will actually happen and we won't need the come-along for that nonsense.

HOPEFULLY, we shall see today's story being written on the new OS.

And all the memes as well.