Friday, An Attempt

I tried to change things up with The Bikkie this week. In that I was attempting to create something different, I succeeded.

In that I was trying for something tasty... I failed.

In retrospect, I should have let it rise longer and maybe punched it down more than once. Live. Learn. Maybe next time.

The result was a brick of a loaf. One heavy food item, but not a sod, thank the Powers.

I got a little over halfway through it before I reached a sufficiency.

I really want a nap today for reasons I can't quite fathom. Probably some minor depression going on. It usually self-solves. Some self-indulgences and a lot of skin time resets the horseshit. Which is why I am so very looking forward to this weekend.

Beloved is coming back to me hooray! At least for Sunday.

Let's get on with today's offerings.