Challenge #03875-J223: Point of Disorder

The CRC and several Alliance officials come together to discuss the shocking turn of events. The humans have begun to befriend, the Thranityr and help more and more clans go from being Vorax to being contributing citizens. Even to the point of becoming full allies with the humans. -- Anon Guest

"They're Humans," said one of the board members present in the quorum. "They'll pack-bond with anything alive. Even the things so toxic it'd kill them to touch it. They just invent new ways to pet things!"

"I mean, yes... Of course they're going to find a way to befriend anything capable of friendliness, but... they're doing it to the Vorax!"

"The species name is 'Thranityr'," said the mandatory point-of-order member of the board. Several around her winced. "If we must proceed in this discussion, we should at least respect their proper name."

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