Challenge #03876-J224: Alive and Unharmed

I read your story and I could not help but grin at the comments. Could you elaborate from them?

"Bring them in ALIVE, understand?"


"They need to be alive to stand trial."

"We promise the prisoner will be very much alive, and will be able to be made healthy enough to stand trial."

"Remember ALIVE means their BODY also has to remain alive, as well as the brain!"

"Don't worry, we promise they will be very much physically and mentally alive so they can be made healthy enough to stand trial."

I can just imagine this being on recording to remind the team their target is to remain ALIVE, mostly. And the target's face when they finally corner him.

From this. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I also followed up on this lead with Run, Rabbit, Run... So this one continueth]

"Can you please stop singing?" Zhetilli begged. Though the Alliance guaranteed certain amenities, others were up to the whims of her captors. If she hadn't already suffered a week of it, she might have thought herself lucky that it was only singing.

"I could always start removing your phalanges. Bone by bone," offered Urd. His smile reminded Zhetilli that these were, indeed, the most violently inclined Humans known to humanity.

"I'll... put on the headphones and watch some educational material," said Zhitelli, purposely choosing a place with some furniture between her and the Deathworlder.

Urd continued humming, but now he was playing with a butterfly knife in a meaningful way.

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