I edited the heck out of an episode, but I've yet to introduce the background music. I've also found out that I'm an episode behind, so there goes some significant portion of my weekend.

I'm short by one episode so, theoretically, I should be able to make that happen during the following fortnight. Theoretically.

Today, I should be able to get the music in the current episode. Tomorrow, recording the next batch of stories. The day after? Who can tell.

It's Valentine's Day, so Beloved and I are having a night in. Going for a night out means sharing that experience with howevermany hundreds of others who are there with the exact same idea.

We're having our own Valentines at some later point when there's less chance of viral contagion.

Yes, Coronavirus has spread to Australia. Yes, it has a long incubation period and yes, asymptomatic folks are flying past the radars. So steering clear of crowds is a very smart idea.

All it takes is one arrogant, asymptomatic someone who thinks that because they don't feel sick and because they don't even look at Chinese anything, they can't have the bug. That's how you get a global pandemic. Ignorance is a powerful thing.

Anyway. I must to get on with nonsense.