Challenge #02592-G035: Critical Flaw Located

A: explain to me why again you were fighting?

B: I was getting rusty, I needed someone to spar with.

A: was it necessary to create a hole in the floor?

B: you said it was reinforced! -- Anon Guest

Human Sym was embedded in the flooring. Her legs were technically within the floor below, but also tangled up in sensitive, very important, and also more than a little delicate - wiring and equipment. Human Per, her sparring partner, was crouching and blushing nearby.

"We were cleared for recreational simulated combat exercises in this space," she said. "We didn't know a flying leap would have this effect."

"It's the weighted anklets and bracelets, I'm sure," said Human Per. "The floors are cleared for us jumping about and wearing livesuits for that, but not powerful actions with extra weight load. Combo of errors on both sides."

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