Finding a New Swing

Getting into the swing of things has always been a major league hurdle for me. Holidays are when I drop one of the balls I have flying about and stop arting. However, my current project is inspiration enough to make me want to art. Finding the time is the problem.

My entire schedule normally revolves around the kids. Kids who are now in Scenic Coominya for some time-share with their Grandmother. So the time I reserve for arting - waiting for Miss Chaos to turn up via bus - no longer exists.

I found a viable substitute. Arting whilst I wait for Beloved to wake up after all the diverse alarms have woken me up. And I must say that I have made magnificent progress. Not only in fixing an error that became obvious after the fact, but also in creating something funky and interesting for some of the tricky bits.

I'm rather proud of myself.

I'm already plotting a few things for upcoming arting sessions. I'm loving this project. My art is not fabulous. I acknowledge this. On the other hand, I am having such fun that I almost don't care.

In fact - Mayhem nailed my art style a few days ago. "Mediocre Web Comic". Thanks, kiddo.

Also, I am going to have more than a few choice words to say over at my WordPress about the latest episode of Doctor Who. Mostly about Bury Your Gays and Kill The Black Guy. Watch out for that one. Links are in the menu.

But now, it is time for me to fetch money and go on an expedition for some nice foods. I'm planning a mostly-fresh Keto marinade with Coconut Amino in lieu of Soy Sauce [because GMod soy may be poisonous and we don't know it yet] and some fresh extras to make it super yummy.

I may even document it. Beware.