Challenge #01636-D175: Just in Case Heroics

Can we please have more of O'Ranges (Uplifted Nufurria large dog/wolf mix). -- Knitnan

Ambassador O'Ranges had only one really annoying habit, and that was checking in every box left by the wayside. Even if it was upside-down. Even if it was clearly empty. He would stop in his tracks, check the box, and check the area around the box. He rarely spoke, so finding out what he was looking for took a significant amount of time.

Hitchhiker/Assistant Aelki put up with it. She only wondered internally what O'Ranges was looking for. She had her guesses, since O'Ranges had been left in a box in the negligible hope that he would find a loving home.

Other Ambassadors and their staff... tended to get antsy.

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