Finally! Rest... (sort of)

Well, today is the 7th day of feeding the starters, and I now have them resting in the fridge so that I have time for other things. Like taking a firkin BREAK.

It's the thirteenth this month, which happens to be a Friday, so there is an almost mandatory uptick in gambling. I won't be having a flutter via $1 scratchie. I am content in hoping my "cheesy bread" will actually turn out okay.

Chaos has swimming and I have D&D to look forward to. I've already offered the use of my silk mask so Mayhem can contain his Lurgi if he wants to come and play.

If he doesn't... I'm sure the group will come up with something.

Miss Chaos has swimming and has chosen the superfluous peplum to guard her bum from prying eyes. She shall have something approaching bread awaiting her return home. Yay.

It's not "proper" sourdough bread. Not yet. I need to acquire stuff for that. And spend a LOT more time on it.

Regardless, Fridays are now Starter Harvest Baking Days, so whatever happens, I'll have something to post about on the weekly. Yet another project on the side. Wheee...