Challenge #02619-G062: Sizzlin'

The support snag, AKA sausage inna slice of bread. You find them everywhere here in Auz, raising money for good causes, local footy teams. Volunteers cooking sausages and buttering bread, and selling bulk buy soft drinks at retail prices. The backbone of the country. -- Knitnan

It was a N'Ozzie thing. Of course it was a N'Ozzie thing. It made minimal sense, therefore it had to come from N'Oz. The entire planet, except for one reasonably large and relatively idyllic[1] island, had large portions of it on fire.

Therefore, N'Ozzies and allies everywhere were fundraising with burned offerings. Planet on fire? Semi-char some onions and cheap, minced meat encased in some form of edible skin, and then sell it to passing citizenry for five Minutes a pop. More if one also purchased a recommended serving container of flavoured, carbonated water. The fried foodstuffs of not-much-choice[2] were then served in an equally cheap slice of probably-bread. The cheapest of breads being naturally not very far removed from dough.

Shayde had 'shouted' him one with all the trimmings. Extra fried onion, and every single condiment she could fit. As well as the sweetest, most chemically-laden version of flavoured carbon-water she could obtain. "It's fer charity," she said, handing the burned offering over. "Eat generously, yeh?"

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