Thursday Already? AUGH!

Well, I have definitely been keeping busy. This morning's experiment is muffins, which are still in the process of cooking in the oven.

Last time I checked, they were looking pretty good.

The last thing I need before publishing my progress is the actual cooking time.

We're up to one hour now.

I still have all my other output to do, but by gum, I know I can do it.

Figuring out what to quit so I have more time for fun is the next pain in my butt. At least when this week is done, I can house the starters in the fridge until I'm good and ready for the beasties. Feed them once a week.

Next on the chaos: Looking for essential equipment. I thought a week was plenty of time for searching. HA!

Addendum: The muffins came out of the oven and Visiting Friendo J says they're very nice :D