Do the Re-organise Shuffle

Chaos starts swimming lessons, this week. I'm 1000% for. Anything that could plausibly save my little darlings' lives gets my vote. Since the lessons happen on Wednesday, that's moved up her tuck shop day to Tuesday.

That's happening this week.

The TangleBag(tm) now has starter walls. It's quicker to do the walls than it is to do the base because trebles are no longer involved. I've gone through three circuits since yesterday and it's starting to look like a wibbly wobbly TangleBasket at the moment.

Maybe things will change as the walls grow higher.

I'm creeping ever closer to the end of B'Nar. It's ten weeks away including today.

Also, you can still vote for my next Wordpress Wednesday if it suits your fancy. I shall publish a screencap of the winner tomorrow.

I gotta say, the votes are interesting.

The new meds regime seems to be working, though not on my trademark distractibility. Can't win them all. However... I'm sleeping better, I'm better at focussing and I get everything done without feeling exhausted by mid-afternoon.

The diet is working. I'm back down into the 75 kilo zone and the regime will remain. With fortitude and resolve, I should get back to my target weight.

Keeping things on an even keel once I get there is going to be the interesting part of the process. I, for one, shall have some fun trying.