Starting Over and Over

I had to unravel a lot of progress on my ameteur string bag. Starting with a simple fact - I got my treble stitch wrong.

You're supposed to make a stitch out of the loop of yarn you wind around the hook. I forgot that bit and just left a loose loop in there. No wonder the result was an unholy tangle.

It's kind of a tangle now, with the spare twine currently residing in a spare gift bag that was lying close - my chief method of choosing stopgap measures. At least I know that I have my trebles correct now.

The method I'm using is increasing around a core line, turning it into a rectangle by using it as a base for treble stitches on both sides. The interesting part, going from a base rectangle to a wall around the whole thing and creating the essence of 'bag', is going to be a problem I solve myself when I get there.

Things I have learned:

  • Sisal twine is a bitch to manage
  • Trebles are trickier than I thought
  • This is going to take longer than I thought
  • Startup on my compy takes roughly three trebles, therefore:
  • This is going to take a long-arse time.

So. I have a starter cost of supplies at roughly four hessian bags from literally anywhere, possibly five. Add perhaps another one when I finally get around to working out How To Handles.

That'll probably happen next year, the way I'm going.

As proof of concept goes, yes you can make your own string bags out of genuine string. It's more expensive and takes more time than -say- popping down to Woolies or wherever and getting like five of your own. On the other hand, at least you know it's ethically sourced, so there's that.

The bad news is that I have NO CLUE how to encode this into a pattern or directions for the rest of the world. I only have the hope that this doesn't transform into a nightmarish mess.

The other good news du jour is, thanks to the correct ashwagandha and, I was able to squeeze in like fifteen minutes of learning How To Java. I got tired early, but that could also be the side-effects of me getting back on track.

We'll see how I do today.