Cue the Heist Music!

In order to even try and get decent flour, I have to leave the house at 7:30 in the morning.

Which means I have to at least try to rush this out.

Plus there's no telling what restrictions there may be on flour once I get there. Yes, I recognise that I'm part of the problem, but I also want to make some decent bread.

You know, like literally everyone else is doing these days.

It's raining despite the sunshine, so that's added an even more surreal twist to this morning.

The plague news is now focussed on re-opening steps and getting folks to sign on to the tracking app. I already got it. I don't know if the rest of the family is as involved. Pretty certain Mayhem doesn't care and Beloved can't be bothered. Chaos never goes any further than our backyard, so she's safer than anyone else. Theoretically.

It's seven o'clock. I have a fresh filter in my mask, a pair of gloves in my bag, and the best hopes that I can actually get my hands on some gotdang flour.

If Woolies pans out, I'll try Aldi's. If Aldi's fails me, I'll try Costco.

If everything fails, I'll get some of the stuff in the health food shop. The weird flour. They're bound to have something I can use that's all organic and not chemically enhanced.

...come to think of it, my flight path should probably go Woolies, health shop, Aldi's, Costco.

I'll make myself some extra filters now.

UPDATE: I scored myself 5kg of Laucke baker's flour, but there's still no sign of plain old regular wholemeal flour. So now I switch streams and focus on keeping the wholemeal starter alive and maybe make some bread out of the other one when it gets up to health. A pln will be forthcoming as soon as I get one.