Challenge #02665-G108: Temporal Theory vs Reality

In today's episode of "Fun with Wormholes!" we will discuss how most people's family lines are actually Mobius Strips! -- SilverRey

Today in Fun With Wormholes, we explain how it's theoretically possible to be your own descendant. It all begins with one simple graph... An X-Y axis graph where one axis is time and the other is distance. On it, a line is travelling away from zero at a slight incline relative to time.

Here is our hypothetical traveller, moving at close to light speeds through space. If they then enter a one way wormhole, they travel faster than light, over vast distances very rapidly. The travelling line moves very far along relative to the space axis, but backwards relative to time. This is usually why we say that time travel is possible, but functionally useless. You may have gone back to the time of the dinosaurs, but it would take you the rest of that time to get back.

People would think that returning through the wormhole may be advantageous to time travel, but not if you use the same wormhole. A different line traces a path forward in time but backwards in distance, once it enters the wormhole, it crashes into the original traveller. Of course, using a different one-way wormhole only puts you deeper in time and into an unknown portion of space. So. How do we become our own descendants?

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