Commence Faffery

Things accomplished: 1K words, the Instant, and a wooden post re-obtained.

To do today: Patreon nonsense, 500-1K words, the Instant, and post jiggery-pokery.

I want to get Mayhem to help me out with the posts, but getting him to do so is going to be my big battle. Putting these things up is a two-person job and Chaos does not have the height, strength, or patience to do these things.

Still. Best to rattle on with the content whilst the daylight is still dawning. Don't want MeMum to lecture me about having content out regularly again when my priority is maximising the use of the daylight we've got in winter.

I need to focus on that. Now. Because I've been staring at Tumblr for like an hour. My bad.