Christmas eve!

We've done all our shopping (I hope!) and got all our things for the glorious morrow.

And as an extra bonus, this Yule happens on a weekend, so I don't need to worry about my novel's word count. And I really don't need to worry about an Instant, either, since it's my day off.

And I especially don't need to worry about the gap between the Instant count and the days of the year... because of all the double prompts I've been getting.

Apart from all the cooking looming over our heads... this is looking to be a stress-reduced yuletide for the family, this year.

We're going to be making some delicious lo-carb treats, including cheesecake-in-a-cup (I will be testing the recipe in my own vessel before committing to the fancy ones we got for presentation), chocolate bombs, and possibly many others. I know not what my Beloved has planned, but it's going to use a lot of eggs.

It's a feast day, tomorrow. Mainly because there's no stopping the sugary treats on Christmas day. I can at least stick to the salads and try to keep away from all the carbohydrate and starchy abundance that will doubtless be present. The kids, I know, will dive into that noise wholesale.

My weight is staying stable, but my fat deposits are not. Which means that I'm losing fat and gaining muscle. It sure as hell doesn't look like it at the moment. My floppy bits are floppier than ever and I feel like The Beast That Scares Horses despite new underthings that at least wrangle parts of me into the correct area code. I expect some major weight fluctuations as a direct result of Yule.

I reduced the mint population in my garden by about 90% and made WAY too much mint sauce. The recipe I found did not multiply well and, if I do it again (likely) I will use way less water than I did this time around. And because (a) too much water, and (b) higher-quality white vinegar, the resultant mint sauce is cloudy and murky and not at all like the commercial stuff.

But it is sugar-free and firkin delicious. If anyone wants to try any.

Come on. We have WAY too much of it now.