Challenge #03473-I185: Occupational Hazard

The entire ship is worried, the companion is starting to feel stressed. Why? The human has begun to mention how they've been getting bored lately. -- The New Guy

Humans are very strange. For a species of Deathworlders, they can both be remarkably gung-ho, and also remarkably paranoid. Often, it's the same Human being both. They will keep animals that would eat their bodies if they died. Some keep animals that would eat them when they're asleep. Some are content with routine and others... others crave variety.

Human Reuel was one of the ones who needed variety. Since this was a long trip between star systems, the travel time was getting to hir.

Ze had ploughed through all the available entertainments, railed against the lag between their ship and the nearest comms network, played every game to completion, and read every book in hir files. Ze was currently playing "the floor is lava" for want of something to do.

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