Tuesday, Patreon and Continuing Issues

Despite the best medicine I could find, Beloved is still fighting the cough. Might be time to visit a quack about it. Blargh.

I am powering on with A Devil's Tale and having fun playing with the adventures of my devilish dude, time, and the lady he will eventually meet, love, and marry.

I will eventually get back to writing the last book of my planned trilogy. Forced writing is bad writing, so going with the fun stuff is helping me stay in a good mood about my work.

Patreon stuff to post: More A Devil's Tale, more Alfarell, but no Tale Foundry entry because the cycle's delayed again. Whee.

I PLN to do a minimum of one chamber and one Alfarell article, before I get into Minecraft and fill an hour working out what I'm doing with my hole in Creative. There's at least some landscaping that needs to happen before I work out where the farms are going. Pillars in the way, dished bottom of the chasm. That sort of thing.

Fun times ahead for this nerd.

I must awaken Miss Chaos before I get going on everything else, so stay tuned for more of my nonsense shortly.