Challenge #03279-BONUS005: A Hard Lesson

The CRC allows the citizenry or a former Deregger colony to decide the fate of the CEO that had ruled over them with an iron fist. What punishment does he get? HE gets to be the one to shovel manure from the barns, haul it, and spread it on the fields all day. Though, at least, HE gets to get regular breaks, fresh water, and time to eat, and his quarters were softer than what he used to let them have. -- Lessons

They had voted for something a lot like this to happen. To make the former boss work to his own standards. Unfortunately, according to public opinion, the Cogniscent Rights Committee had work safety standards that had to be upheld.

This meant acceptable work hours, appropriate nutrition, a safe and structurally sound habitat, and breaks to drink or go relieve himself. No impossible quotas, just pay according to the work accomplished.

It was still a massive step down for CEO Gerhalt Phanci-Slykk, who was used to a gilded bedchamber, five-course snacks, and a new wife every month. He was decidedly not used to a single sleep niche with plain bedclothes, daily rations in a bag[1], and zero company at all.

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