Friday, Day 0, Shenanigans

Plague news:

  • 10 332 new cases.
  • 42 250 total active cases.
  • 296 in hospital.
  • 12 in the ICU.
  • and one more death.

Vax news: Unavailable because of improper formatting

I feel increasingly like my government has abandoned me and every other ordinary citizen in favour of keeping the cash flow up. Damnit.

I have to go out and acquire a calendar so I can keep track of nonsense. Including school hols. And, let's be honest, decorate the kitchen a little bit. Since I'm a cheap-ass, I buy them after New Years', when they're on sale.

I might be back to ordering in if the active case count breaches 100K. So, technically, today is the best day to do a Calendar Run and then stock up on veggies so I can hunker and bunker.

Bloody plague politics making this more convoluted than it ever should have been...

Also today: clean the Catio, feed starters, make bikkie, build more dungeon, and firkin MAKE MYSELF resume tagging tales for my app. Yay.

And fetching the aforementioned calendar.

IF the chemist shops/electronica shops have an oximeter in stock, I'll pick one up for just in case. Seems to be a thing that must be in the Essential Devices kit now. Fifty bucks down the drain because the orange canker sore had to make it about looking strong and owning the left wing and therefore couldn't shut his arsehole...

In the news:

  • More restrictions for NSW
  • Two Florida cops kill themselves and leave their baby an orphan
  • Tennis star's parents compare son to Jesus. WTFF
  • Second country initiates mandatory vax law
  • Flurona hits the USA
  • Alleged time traveller says someone will have a half-chimp kid in March
  • Biden puts the Muppet on blast
  • Bitcoin apparently crashing again
  • Omicron gives "Covid Eye" and hair loss
  • Repugnican who opposed vax mandates dies of the plague
  • Want to live on an island with nobody else? Become a wildlife ranger on an island off the Scottish coast!

Stories and nonsense for the rest of the day. Yay.