Challenge #03267-H358: On-Site Training Incident

They were not exactly soft-spoken, though their tones were often soft and polite. But there was a reason for that. When speaking in their normal tones, their voice carried! In their normal talking tone, they were loud, so it was not unusual to hear them actively modulate down to a softer tone to try to reign that in.

But this idiot was NOT listening to them. They kept doing stupid crud that was going to get them hurt, if not worse. Finally, they had enough and let loose a bellow of STOP NOW!

Everyone around them startled as the shout all but rippled across the entire factory so loud that it drowned out much of the machinery. Now it was time to let this idiot know their mistakes, before more than just their pride was hurt. -- Anon Guest

"If you keep doing that," Lahch said in rational, far softer tones, "you will either lose your hand or force the factory to stop so that you don't lose your hand. You will then be billed for the loss of profit for the day as well as the medical intervention necessary." Then, pitched a little louder because this dullard was interrupting, they said, "Do you un-der-stand?"

Twice in one day. And they hadn't even walked this person through the Three Strikes rule of the parent company. That was going to be quote-unquote 'fun'.

"But that's illegal," said the trainee idiot. "You're not allowed to do that."

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