Friday, Day 0, End of Year Funtimes

Plague news: 2 222 new cases, all local transmissions. There's 8 586 total active cases, 103 are in hospital.

Vax news:

  • Australia's at 94.3% first vax,
  • 91.3% fully vaxxed
  • Queensland's at 90.6% first vax,
  • 86.4% fully vaxxed
  • Last place goes to NT, at 89.2% first vax,
  • 84.2% fully vaxxed

Today, the fam is having a grand day out with all the girls and a gift exchange. I am dressing up for the event, and I still have wrapping to do. Whee.

My laptop is still Schrodinger's Borked, so I'm using my Alternate Mobile Writing Device - aka my iPad. I shall endeavour to keep it away from fluids.

IF, and only if, my lappy is permaborked, then I may be getting a new lappy. Which, because of Apple's continuing horseshit, will be a Windoze-compatible thing. Huzzah. I might even be able to install Arting Programs on it and stream myself arting. Maybe.

It's something I could do, but will probably procrastinate on.

My timetable is not always my own.

In the news:

  • Gislaine Maxwell found guilty of child sex trafficking, and none of her rich buddies know her any more. Also she is interviewed by the BBC
  • New plague rules who dis
  • Randy Andy's lawyers now having "emergency talks" after the Maxwell case's verdict
  • Two months' of rain to hit Queensland in eight days
  • Toddler caught the plague and perished
  • Unvaxxed backpacker has spread the plague in WA
  • Maxwell threatens to take her ex-friends down with her
  • International Shipping now aims to reduce Carbon Emmissions

And now, the stories for Twoferfest.