Challenge #03237-H328: Down Came a Blackbird

Can we see Rye find their mother please? -- Escla

Somehow, McIrney had got word of what was going on. Somehow, that waste vent figured it out. Then he did something almost unthinkable. He rounded up the surviving parents of any child who had escaped his reign, and held them hostage. And bragged about it.

The assembled mothers and occasional fathers were forced into a throne of flesh, bound together in the most uncomfortable way possible. Supporting the bulk of CEO Harmin McIrney in all his extravagant splendour. Trembling a little, under his weight and the fact that they wore minimal clothing.

"I hear someone's trying to wreak some revenge," he said as an opener. "Someone better be careful about playing with others' toys... or something avoidable could happen to one of these toys. I'll pick one at random until I know who you are... and then... I'll make them suffer."

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