Challenge #03103-H195: Button Smash Victory

The other Deregger empires laughed. They were losing profits by the year, by year five of straight losses, they were the most mocked of Deregger empires, only their current wealth and ranked saved them from a hostile takeover. But year five, they broke even, year six they broke even, then year seven, they began to profit, year eight, year nine... soon their profits were skyrocketing exponentially, and the other empires were not laughing anymore. -- DaniAndShali

Greater Deregulation Upper South-Southwest largely viewed the Lodalute Brothers as having been driven mad by the corrupt influences of the Galactic Alliance. This is what happens when you gamble on learning the strategies of the enemy, they said. They come back and employed them! Just look at all those losses they're taking. They're even trading off trashworlds. And looking after their worker's health. Disgusting.

For five years, the things the Lodalute Brothers were doing was a joke. Comedy routines made bank on the madness of Lodalute. Wagers were taken on what losses they would take in stride next. The confidence of both Nigel and Steve Lodalute was a profitable source of mockery. They'd never make Chief Executive CEO of the realm at that rate. Heck, they might be begging on the streets next. Haha. Then came the unthinkable. Turnaround.

Who could have ever guessed that healthy workers with free time and spending money could stimulate an economy? The assembled CEOs vying for even more money and power reduced the jokes. They were just breaking even. It wasn't as if they were making a profit. They were barely treading-- oh no. They made a profit. A small, laughable, almost regrettable profit... but profit nonetheless. Then the profits started growing. Panic and mayhem were bound to ensue.

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