Monday, Day 0, Anxiety Max

Plague news: Five new cases, all imports. Twenty-six total cases, nineteen in hospital and one in the ICU.

Tomorrow, I talk to the local quack about getting the Jab. The stuff for my age bracket versus my asthma, maybe also versus Beloved's diabetes. And the best time bracket to get the kids' jabs too.

I'm thinking start of school hols for Miss Chaos so we can all keep an eye on her. Dunno about Mayhem. Possibly ASAP, knowing the way of things.

In the news:

  • USA says that none of the billionaires burning forests to make their dicks look big are astronauts
  • USA loses at Olympic basketball
  • Sydneysider idiot flaunts plague restrictions to bring more plague to Queensland
  • Princess Di's niece gets married
  • "Reality" TV star gets a makeover
  • Britney went topless and took a selfie
  • China can't stop buying Aussie stuff
  • TV presenter sexually harrassed live on TV
  • Comedian who accurately predicted the plague numbers in NSW has now been hit with a court notice
  • Dubai makes rainstorms to ameliorate their heatwave

And now... fiction.