Challenge #03077-H169: Constant Vigilance

A Companion notices that the ship's human's livesuit is picking up on wild, unusual fluctuations in hormones related to emotions and high stress. On questioning, the human informs them that, due to a somewhat negligent upbringing and poor socialization as a child and adolescent, they suffer from underdeveloped emotional maturity... that will never fully develop. That ship has sailed, and they were NOT on board.

The explanation is delivered in a calm, somewhat bored tone, with a bland facial expression. The livesuit readout indicates a massive accompanying adrenal response, along with a host of other unpleasant chemical releases associated with fear and anxiety. -- Anon Guest

Human Mar had volunteered for Companion Live-monitoring. Most Ships' Humans preferred not to do that until they were in deep distress. They viewed it as an invasion of privacy. Human Mar must have had their reasons and Companion Fu decided not to pry. That was for a special bonding moment or something. When Human Mar was feeling more comfortable.

According to the Med records, Human Mar's adrenal levels were at baseline or normal. According to the Human Companion Manual, they were at fifteen percent above the average Human baselines. There were so many pings at hazard spike levels that Fu had to breach her personal protocols and ask an invasive question.

"Human Mar, have we missed a set of comfort requirements? I have noted that your anxiety indicators are well above normal. You are not at peace. Is there something that can be done?"

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