Challenge #03063-H155: Handcrafted Hearth

Do you think, to prove it is love, not just an infatuation, he stays there? He learns to make musical instruments and presents to them to her for her approval or not? He starts to take singing lessons and asks to do duets with her? Maybe even introduces her to others as lovers and helps take care of tiefling children, all the while making it clear that he believes he owes HER, not her owing him, for the gift of her music in his life? Maybe she's willing to give him a chance, at least, for friendship to begin with? -- Anon Guest

No. Not for nothing. There was still the music of her voice. The possibility of knowing the person. Of course Tieflings turned out to be assholes, or part-time assholes. Just look at what the world had done to try and get rid of them. Just look at what the world had done to them before that.

Melody deserved better. He knew it. He thought he was better, but her pinpoint accuracy regarding his thoughts and motivations had made him think. Perhaps for the first time in five years. So he dragged himself away from the lure of her voice to take a look around and work some things out.

One of the most obvious things about this kingdom of the forsaken was that there were so many more children than adults. Far too many baby Tieflings for the adults to care for properly. There were found families at capacity, and not enough accommodations for all of them. Babies, children, and even teenagers were sleeping three or five or more to a bed. Well. He was a carpenter. Dan could do something to help.

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