Tuesday, Day 0, Teething Issues

Plague news: Premier's twitter says two new cases, government site says one. Either way, they're imports. Either twenty or twenty-one cases, depending on who you prefer. Eighteen are hospitalised.

The delay in story production yesterday was owing to me asking a question that lead to an entire day working out enough kinks in the app so that I could publish things to it instead of the house-of-cards master file threatening to crash my compy. Or the editor it's in. Either of the two. It's scary huge at close to nine Megabytes.

Good news, it works. Bad news, it sort of works. I still can't get the tags part functioning on the old tales, and that's going to take some lengthy unbuggering.

I still have to post the stuff in Patreon today, and I have screenshots of the app as it stands. Woohoo!

The news:

  • China made a very elaborate "cartoon" using DaVinci's last supper and animals to make mock of how the USA throws money at everything. Australia is a kangaroo reaching for the money. Everyone is mad about this
  • Victoria achieves zero local transmissions again
  • Biloela family allowed to live in Perth. Only after one of their littlies contracted a deadly heart condition in one of Australia's horrendous concentration detention camps. Not a single word about anyone else suffering in those, I note
  • Possible murder in Tasmania
  • Joe Biden pauses when asked about calling Putin a killer. Obviously this is way worse than the Muppet's unending adoration and barely coherent waffling about literally everything 9_9
  • UK father allegedly murdered daughter for whistleblowing about sexual abuse. Stay classy
  • German mother murdered five of her kids after her ex found a new bedmate. Charming
  • Evidence emerges of live bats being kept in a Wuhan lab
  • Millionaire couple found dead on Death Island. I don't know what they were expecting TBH
  • There's still not a lot of evidence that the plague was engineered in the Wuhan lab, despite the persistent claims of both Muppet and his minions
  • Google now making it easier to ease back into office work with possibilities of remote workspaces
  • Immigrant worker underpaid so badly at their fruit-picking job that they had to dumpster-dive to survive. This is in South Australia, not the southern states of the USA. Tell me again how immigrants are stealing money from honest Australians. Go on. I can wait while you try to justify this horseshit
  • One in five Aussies has bought the hype behind cryptocurrency and now believe they can buy homes with it

I think I need to take another break from the news. Story now, since I got things sideways.