Challenge #02967-H044: Our Freedom or Theirs?

People are curious as to what happens to the prisoners at Greystone. They believe punishment and harsh time is the only way to reform. But those sent to Greystone never leave. Families of those sent there are wondering where their family members are. A crew comes to ask to do an interview with some of the inmates and show the families life inside the prison.

Just kinda curious what would happen if the outside world, especially the families of inmates, would do knowing what Greystone is like rather than what they think it's like? -- DaniAndShali

[AN: As always, eternal blessings for giving me the link to the thing]

In an infinite universe, all things are possible, including a world like this one. It is a world divided in half. A world where rigid, high borders scribe a clear line between law and order on one side, and namby-pamby moonmelon nanny-state permissiveness on the other[1]. Or, if you're on the other side, between the freedom to choose the shape of your life and an oppressive, fascist dictator state.

And then, in the middle, there's Greystone. On one side, it's very easy to tell that it's a prison. On the other, it's a reform centre where the residents are introduced piecemeal to the ways of the benevolent-anarchy side of the divide. On one side, higher, more menacing, imposing grey walls. On the other, no actual visible barriers. There was little, indeed, to denote a border between the reform centre and the rest of the "real world" that was not on the grey side of the wall.

Those on the grey side are eager to send the worst of their worst into Greystone. It is held over the heads of all "decent citizens" like the sword of damocles. It hung a little more intensely over the "stained" citizens. Those who had a less appealing history with the administration had it hanging heavier and on a thinner thread. That included the families of those who had already gone to Greystone.

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