Wednesday, Day 3, Bread

There's still seven active cases. I'm watching. This is the first Day Three we've had in a while. I'm eager to see a Day Four. But today? I am making bread.

The family likes my white-adjascent loaf so I'm doing more of them. I shall be making whole wholemeal [with extra "ash" - that's fibre] for myself so that I can have sarnies if I so desire.

Considering how often I actually desire a bit of bread, I should probably make serving-size parcels in ziplocks out of the finished loafs.

Next time I use Ingrid, I'll be feeding them with the Lauke flour, as per the original experiment. But I'm working with Wilson today, so I fed them wholemeal. They're on their way to maturation as I write.

In the News:

  • Guards "unlocked office" for alleged parliament rapist
  • Muppet still popular with the masses
  • Selfie emerges that was taken shortly before the victim's murder
  • Gates warns that things are going to get worse
  • Problem with the plague jab - people not turning up for the vital second dose
  • "Kevin" in Melbourne refuses to stop having barbecues during lockdown
  • Kamala Harris slammed for repeating the myth that Muppet had no plans for vaccine distribution. A shit plan is still a plan, alas
  • Labor Leader Jodi McKay defends herself after writing a letter defending a convicted pedo. Not a good look, Jodi

I'm off to post another part of Destiny's Fools and then it's storytime. Interspersed with bread.