Challenge #02860-G303: ART!

They had some pre-shattering videos they wanted to show their friends, a mixed group of havenworlders and level one and level two deathworlders. Once everyone was seated, they turned down the lights and began the video on the large screen. People, human-looking, painted up all in blue, playing techno music on improvised instruments. A fun, amusing, experience for the humans, but maybe a little confusing, if still fun, for everyone else. -- Blue Rules

"I promise, there's no content in these that can cause harm to Havenworlders," insisted Human Vance. "It's just a bit weird."

Half the Havenworlders activated their autosaviors, set to monitor their stress signifiers and administrator calming medication in the event of something too disturbing for their systems. This was the same Human who had found a giant spider that could perform ASL and commented that that was "a bit weird".

Human Vance's version of a bit weird could cover anything. Therefore, they were prepared for anything. Human Vance seemed mildly offended. "Hey come on. This is music and performance art." Their audience did not relax. They had, after all, also been exposed to the pre-Shattering comedian Gallagher.

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