Challenge #02808-G251: The Revenge Paradox

“Do you want revenge?” I offer this many times, call me cruel or whatnot. The offer still stand. I offer you new life, let’s not be bound by the chains of hatred and live a glorious life! There’s a thing called karma and it pays twofold. Watch as you victim wallow in despair, and become jealous of your new spirit held high. Watch as they beg you to come back to their lives. That’s where you truly know, you won. -- Anon Guest

They come to me with broken souls. They come to me with shattered hearts. I call to those who bear wounds that none others can see. I bring them a chance. I know how they are hurt.

I was once betrayed to the point where both my heart and soul were broken at once. I was made immortal by the last before me who vowed eternal revenge. What they never tell you about eternity is that it grinds you down. You want eternity to end. It doesn't, and that's the pain of it.

I need someone who wants eternal revenge but not caring about the consequences even when warned, like I was. They can take my immortality, and my gifts, and let me finally age and die with a peaceful heart. They can discover, over the passing eons, exactly how wearing it is to have eternal vengeance. This one, currently in my palace between the seconds, is not the one who will inherit.

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