Friday - Day Zero

One new case linked to a previous case, and already in quarantine. A week left, more or less, until the Brisbane anti-lockdown protests blow up in a spate of new cases.


The more it goes on, the more it keeps on going on. Blurgh. It's almost bus o'clock right now, so I will be working on potentially the last 100 words in my novel for two weeks because school holidays.

I'm back and my PLNs include: bread, unfuckening, and today's Instant. After that, anything goes.

I have finished one Terrible Tiefling Tale, and am working on some of my older, unfinished works on my free time. Little dribbles, as of yet. It takes a while to sink into the universe, sometimes.

There is, as I speak, one loaf in the freezer at last. I want more than one loaf in the freezer. So we have spare.

This has been slightly impeded by Mayem predating on a fresh loaf. Ah well. More bread for all.

There's the ghost of a loaf on the bread board and the loaf Mayhem predated on is sliced and wrapped an in the fridge and hopefully that will dictate the order in which everything is eaten.

House unfuckening is nearly done. I should rattle on with today's tale.