Thursday - Day One!

Health officials are saying "keep the borders closed," whilst business-minded folks are yelling for our Premier's head for doing that. Even Sweden has called out the nonsense surrounding their "example" in which so many people died for the Great Bull God.

ScoMo will only be allowed

There's a Karen out there who legit threw down with an elderly man over an essentially worthless pencil topper in the vague shape of a Disney franchise personality. That's pretty close to Peak Karen behaviour.

The Muppet continues to attempt to big-note himself despite being called out by people who voted for him. This includes repeating the obvious lies that have continually failed to be true throughout his administration.

Even the people writing about his presidency have called him dangerous and incompetent.

Victoria has only just now dipped below fifty cases in a day and they're talking about relaxing the lockdown? Fuck off. You need to wait until there's two weeks of zero or next to zero cases, and even then, maintain the masks and distancing rules. Make the Karens stay at home or they can stay in a nice, isolated jail cell.

At least, that's how I would do it if I were grand dictator of the world.

Honestly. The choice was to stay in, stay isolated, and stay under a mask for a short time... OR... stay in an extended limbo for as long as the Karen Squad got to do whatever they liked. Victoria's Karen Squad was louder and now here we all are.

The bread is too powerful. Fresh loaves made yesterday have already been predated upon [thanks, Mayhem] despite instructions to finish off the last of the pre-sliced stuff. Kid likes fresh bread and I understand that, but...

Powers damn it... I wanted to have a minimum of two loaves in the freezer by now.

I will be making more bread tomorrow. Fingers crossed that leads to a supply in reserve.

Story soon enough.