Challenge #02693-G136: Fighting True Evil

Several politicians within the Galactic Alliance get together to talk about Uplifts and similar beings. They begin a campaign to make it illegal to create them. Why? It should never be legal to create a cogniscent for the express purpose of enslaving and abusing them. All cogniscents have rights after all. They further were trying to get freed the many Uplifts that were currently living as property owned by others instead of being free. -- DaniAndShali

True evil, a wise man once wrote, starts with treating people as things. Their un-personhood can either be a matter of philosophy, or as complicated as being created as a product. Since classification as a species is the ability to make more lifeforms with the same physical and mental attributes, the creation of Uplifts skates around laws against creating intelligent species strictly for servitude.

Augments, on the other hand, are trained and programmed to be intelligent only in specific directions. They are created infertile, often cloned, and specifically tailored as assistant creations. They were never made to be slaves. Uplifts are elevated to full cogniscents, and are never rendered infertile by their gengineers. Thus, their own children are used against them as a lever to guarantee subservience. This is considered blackmail, ransom, and illegal.

Unfortunately, those facts do not stop the immoral. Uplifts are always being created somewhere. The morally impoverished will always want power over some creature in their immediate vicinity. Mistreated pets will inevitably strike back. Mistreated people can think forward enough to fear even worse treatment than the current situation.

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