From Mission Impossible to Yakety Sax

Today's PLN includes a trip to my shrink, a mission for cream and maybe strawberries, and the usual nonsense that is what passes for a life in my neck of the woods.

Thusly, I shall be posting what there is of my Patreon offerings first. I know I'm writing in my novel again, but there's still not a finished chapter because the chapter in progress isn't long enough.

I do not have more of much. Sorry Patrons. At least I should be quick in posting. I'm on the move, so today's Instant will be written on my Lappy as I wander hither and yon.

The news is almost bare of Covid updates and I'm having a major league concern that this is going to lead people into thinking it's all over when there's thousands of people still dying from this bitch, still taking it everywhere they go, and otherwise spreading it about in minor spikes that could easily become a second wave.

I'm maintaining polite PPE until such time as wearing a mask is illegal and I get a fucking ticket. Or until such time as the global count of new Covid cases is zero. Whichever happens first.

Onwards to Patreon.